National Pan-Hellenic Council profiles: Kappa Alpha Psi


Courtesy of Joseph Putman

Members of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

Matt Belinson

The President of Iowa State’s Kappa Alpha Psi chapter Joseph Putman provided a comprehensive overview of the fraternity and what students should know about it.

Kappa Alpha Psi is one of the nine national historically African American fraternities and sororities within the governing body of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. 

When and how was your organization founded at Iowa State?

The Omega chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. was founded on the campus of Drake University November 28, 1925. We were merged with Iowa State when brother Harvey Rucker crossed in 1956.

Where does the organization meet on a regular basis if it does?

We meet frequently on both campuses. Usually, the BCC or reserved rooms.

What, if any, traditions does your organization hold? And how did they originate?

Our fraternity has many traditions that we hold in our heart. These traditions were started by brothers that came in before us and we try to uphold. Holding our brothers to high standards in the community being number one.

What acts of philanthropy does your organization partake in?

Our chapter hosts a variety of events to keep the community around us together and thriving, from Pie-A-Nupe where community members get a chance to pie chapter members, or Man Kave where community members get the chance to participate in gaming tournaments on the PS5.

What are the values/ pillars of your organization?

We thrive for “Achievement in every field of human endeavor.” We want everyone around us to be successful in their field.

Why should students join? What does that process entail?

Students should want to join our great fraternity because of how we uplift everything and everyone around us. We make each other great through the bond of like-minded individuals, and after joining this fraternity, you become a better man.

The process is learning our history and taking the entry exam.