Green River Ordinance (SOLD OUT) at Maintenance Shop on 3/ 28


Photo Credit: Sean Berry

Green River Ordinance press photos

Celeste Welshhons

Rock band Green River Ordinance will perform at the Maintenance Shop on March 28. The regular show is sold out, however there are still tickets available for the earlier acoustic VIP experience.

Drummer Denton HunkerCQ started playing the drums around the age of ten. He met fellow band members Josh JenkinsCQ, Joshua WilkersonCQ, Geoff IceCQ and Jamey IceCQ while attending college. The whole college plan didn’t last for long.

“I met them in college at TCU,” Hunker said. “We were going to college, and grades started going a little downhill because we were gone a lot focusing on music. We decided to drop out of college and tour the U.S. and see what would happen.”

Green River Ordinance signed to Virgin Records and released the album “Out of My Hands.” This was its only release on the label as the band decided to leave one year later.

“In 2010, we decided to leave the record label,” Hunker said. “We released an album on our own … it was just an acoustic EP and it had a song that Virgin Records didn’t really want to record called ‘Dancing Shoes.’ It was a little more country sounding.”

For their main show at the Maintenance Shop, Green River Ordinance will play songs spanning their career.

“Over the past five or six years our sound has kind of changed,” Hunker said. “We’ll play some of those older songs, and we’ll also play … some new tunes. We’re going to be throwing out some brand new songs that nobody has ever heard. Maybe [we’ll] throw in a couple of covers.”

For their most recent studio album, “Under Fire,” the band turned to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

“There’s one thing that you have to have to make a record and that’s money. We thought it was a great idea to have fans involved in the whole process to help us make music that they wanted to listen to,” Hunker said.

Green River Ordinance has played at the Maintenance Shop before as well as various other venues in Iowa such as Wooly’s.

“I think the last time we played there was a couple of years ago at least. We had a good time. We really enjoyed the little venue there, it’s nice and cozy and feels really nice once everybody gets in there, and the stage is really cool,” Hunker said. “We had a great time last time, so we’re really looking forward to being back.”

The band has their own charity site where each band member is able to promote his charity of choice. Proceeds from some of their songs go directly to these causes.

“We don’t wanna be a band who just gets up on stage and plays music. We started a thing called Hope Grows where people could purchase certain songs and all of that money would go to charity. Everybody picked their own charity so [fans] could choose where [the money] goes to,” Hunker said.

The name of Hunker’s charity is Freedom Is Not Free. This organization aides wounded service members, their families and the families of deceased service members.

“I picked Freedom Is Not Free because I just have a great appreciation for military and what they do and what they go through,” Hunker said. “We just really like to help out and give back.”

The bands most recent studio album came out in 2012. For now, fans will just have to be patient.

“We’re still working on songs,” Hunker said. “We’re not going to release anything anytime soon, but it’s definitely an ongoing process that we’re always working on.”

Green River Ordinance has one main goal pertaining to their future as a band.

“The goal is just to continue to build our fan base and try to get a little bigger each year,” Hunker said.