Get creative with your valentines

Saige Heyer

Valentines come in all shapes, sizes and styles — it all depends on the person giving as well as the person getting the valentine.

Some people turn to Hallmark and other greeting card companies to find something for their special someone.

When picking out a card for your lover, friend or mother, keep in mind whether you want it to be romantic, humorous or just something that shows you care.

While you can purchase a card at the store, many companies also offer online versions of valentines, or e-cards. and are two places you can go to find these. A simple Google search will turn up more sites, or you can search for an e-card with a specific saying on it.

If you can’t seem to find the right card — or e-card — to say what you want, get a little creative and make your own valentine. This way you can be sure to say what you want as well as add a personal touch.

Pinterest offers many ideas on how to make your own valentine. We all learned in elementary school that all it takes to make your own valentine is some construction paper, scissors, doilies and markers — and maybe the ability to cut the paper out in the shape of a heart.

You can also look online for valentine templates. These allow you to print them out and color and customize them.

Whether you decide to purchase a card or make your own, it’s the thought and emotion that you put into it that counts, but adding some flowers and chocolate wouldn’t hurt.