Pros, cons for wedding DJs

Alesha Olson

When it comes to a wedding, music is what sets the tone for the party. You want the music to represent you as a couple but also accommodate your guests. If you are choosing a disc jockey, here are some things you should know.


• Inexpensive: Compared to a wedding band, DJs are reasonably priced.

• Interaction: Guests can request songs and really have fun with the DJ.

• Variety: With a DJ you’re guaranteed to cover all genres of music.


• Not as classy: Depending on the look you are going for, bands can give a more sophisticated feel.

• Inappropriate songs: You may worry throughout the night if guests are going to request an inappropriate song.

• Volume: The noise level can get out of hand, especially when dealing with kids or an older crowd.

John Schultz from Eagle Entertainment believes wedding DJs are becoming more popular because they are widely accessible. In today’s day and age, if there is a song a DJ does not have, you can bring your phone or iPod to the booth and play the song instantly.

Steve Saltzman from Steve’s Mobile Music said DJs are great in that couples can personalize their music. DJs really can make everyone happy.

“We want to make it comfortable for the clients, so we always use radio edited versions of songs,” Saltzman said.

DJs can also take requests from the wedding guests, but they always have a list of songs the couples do not want played on hand.

Services usually last up to six hours, according to Kyle Sacre from Musical Edge. Sacre believes that is plenty of time to allow the guests and wedding party to dance without going into late hours of the night.

If you are worried about music for the ceremony, DJ services can be incorporated in the wedding to play background music until the ceremony starts.

The ultimate goal is to make the bride and groom happy.

“It’s all about give and take,” Schultz said.