Business, Industry and Technology Career Fair gives students chance to network


Photo: Iowa State Daily

Students wait in line to speak with representatives from Target during the Business, Industry and Technology career fair on Sept. 25, 2013. 

David Gerhold

Explore career opportunities and get employer information for the future — that’s what the annual Business, Industry and Technology Career Fair allows ISU students to do.

170 employers will have their booths on the floor of Hilton Coliseum from 12 to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, including companies such as the Renewable Energy Group, Boston Scientific and Iowa Wild.

“This is an excellent opportunity for students, who look for an internship or a job, to inform themselves and learn about the companies,” said Tammy Stegman, program coordinator at business career services.

Stegman said that the employers at the Fair look for possible job candidates. That’s why students should come prepared to the event.

“The main goal should be to introduce yourself to employers and start networking, so that they remember you once you apply for a job there later,” Stegman said.

To prepare, Stegman said that students should research the companies at the Fair beforehand and look for job placements that interest them.

“Also make sure that you have your resume ready and presentable. It should be something you’re proud of in order to make this a successful experience,” Stegman said.

At the career fair, students have the chance to attend the Leadership Breakfast, a buffet-style breakfast that will host several guest speakers and company recruiters as well as College of Business students, faculty and staff.

The Leadership Breakfast is there to give students an additional opportunity to network with recruiters and the speakers at the Fair.

The Business, Industry and Technology Career Fair takes place every spring and every fall. This year is going to be the biggest fair since 2008, Stegman said.

“I personally have attended this particular fair for the past two years in hopes of finding internships,” said Emily Tentinger, senior in interior design and marketing intern at Business Career Services.

Tentinger said she will attend the fair this year again, this time in search of full time employment. She said it is a rare thing that professionals are approaching the students in the job search.

“There is no need spend hours on LinkedIn searching for companies that are hiring, because everyone attending this career fair is looking for qualified individuals,” Tentinger said.

It is important to make connections sooner rather than later, Tammy Stegman said.

“No matter if you are a first-year student or in your senior year, it is always beneficial when you leave a lasting first impact with employers,” Stegman said.

Tentinger said that she sees the work that students are putting into this career fair by attending mock interviews, visiting with their career coordinators and getting their resumes reviewed on a daily basis.

“There are some amazing, reputable companies that are attending this year and it is to every student’s advantage to attend and get experience speaking to a recruiter,” Tentinger said.