Ames Police urge everyone to stay off roads


Due to heavy snow and potential for a blizzard, Iowa State shut down at 12:40 p.m. The heavy snow makes it hard for drivers to move their vehicles.

Makayla Tendall

Ames Police urge everyone to stay off the streets as they tend to weather-related accidents across the city.

“Get where you’re going and stay there. Once the wind picks up this afternoon — and they’re talking 50 mile an hour wind — it’s going to be almost impossible to get around,” said Geoff Huff, investigations commander for Ames Police.

North Dakota, South Dakota and Hyland avenues were blocked off due to multiple accidents for a time, but Huff said no streets have been intentionally barricaded. Huff said blocked streets may be a possibility later today once wind speeds increase.

“We don’t plan on doing that, but as the night goes on, it will depend on how fast it’s coming down and how fast and how the wind reacts. There could be spots where we close things down,” Huff said. “The streets will be plowed, but you won’t even know it.”

Huff said the roads are being cleared and salt put down, but it’s a process. Roads that do not have much cover on either side, such as Mortensen Road, and roads on the outskirts of town will be more difficult to travel as the storm progresses.