City Council to discuss greek housing

Emelie Knobloch

The second passage of the ordinance exempting fraternities and sororities from the rental housing code is on the agenda for tonight’s city council meeting.

“Greek housing will no longer be subject to the rules under the Chapter 13 Rental Housing Code,” said Alexandria Harvey, student representative for city council. “However, they will continue to be inspected by the fire department.”

The council, at their last meeting, made the first passage of this ordinance.

“The second passage is standard procedure,” Harvey said. “The exemption will appear a third time for approval. It gives [the] council extra time in case something arises.”

According to Susan Gwiasda, public relations officer of the City of Ames, a lot of communities wave the second and third passages of ordinances.

“People want to have more time to process issues,” Gwiasda said. “Once an ordinance is passed, the second and third are only procedural, just in case somebody learns something through the process.”

There will be a hearing about 1,200-amp switchgear for the College of Veterinary Medicine feeder extension. The switchgear will be the first part of the feeder extension project. 

“Ames Electric Services has always maintained the vet med substation,” Gwiasda said. “However, a couple of years ago, the city began supplying electricity to the vet college.”

The city council approved plans for the project in January. This project will add a new underground feeder south of the ISU Research Park.

According to the manager’s recommended action, this project will provide capacity for the new load growth and improve reliability to the Research Park and surrounding areas.

The electrical services part of the Capital Improvements Plan for the 2013-2014 year includes $300,000 for the materials and construction of this project.

The estimation of this part of the project according to the engineer was $20,000. The City of Ames Staff favors the bid of $17,334 by WESCO Distribution of Des Moines.

Beer permits and liquor licenses at Cy’s Roost of 121 Welch Ave., Mickey’s Irish Pub of 109 Welch Ave. and El Azteca of 2727 Stange Road are up for renewal.

The meeting will begin at 5:15 p.m. in City Council Chambers at City Hall.

The meeting will begin at this time to finish the 2014-2015 budget. There will be budget presentations by Arts Funding, Human Services, Public Art and Outside Funding Requests.

There will also be a time for public input about the Capital Improvements Plan and 2014-2015 budget.

“There are many items to go over and, I would expect that portion of the meeting to go at least two hours,” Gwiasda said.