Spend date night at home

Alesha Olson

Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day with your partner or your 30th, staying home for the special day is a great alternative to trying to plan a night out on the town. Here are some ways you can have a magical night that is good for you and your budget.


Try This:

Home Cooked Meal — Use leftovers or pitch in to buy ingredients for a great meal you can make together. For dessert, try a cupcake or dessert bar.

Not This:

Five-star restaurant plus a dessert and tip for the waiter.


Try This:

A gift from the heart — make a photo collage of your best memories or a book filled with hand-written letters or poems.

Not This:

Chocolates, flowers and expensive jewelry.


Try This:

Scavenger Hunt — Set up a small scavenger hunt for your partner around the house. Use sticky notes to write messages.

Movie Night — If you are wanting something more low-key, a movie night is ideal, just choose your favorite movies and light some candles.

Game Night — Looking for something more up-beat? A game night with your favorite childhood games is a great way to interact with your partner.

Stargazing — To end a perfect night, go outside with a bunch of blankets and pillows and just watch the beautiful night sky.

Not This:

Spa day or hotel fees and air fare to somewhere romantic

Don’t let money get in the way of creating a memorable night. There are plenty of things you can do at home to show someone how much you care and enjoy being with them.