Cummings: Do not hide your style

Kelsey Cummings

As young children, most of us were thrilled to not have to wear uniforms to school. With the exception of schools that do regulate uniforms, many schools choose to keep costs down and the individuality of their students up. Yet people found another way to stifle the unique statement that comes with having a personal style: trends.

Whether born from popularity or the minds of successful designers, fashion trends have normally been seen as a symbol of status. If a person is “up on all the latest fashion trends,” we assume they are popular, of a higher social status or perhaps even wealthy. While people who participate in all the trends might be attempting to project this persona as themselves, what following trends really demonstrates is a need to fit in and an unwillingness to stand out.

Clothes naturally reflect the personality of those who wear them, whether intentionally or not. In a society which seems to favor fashion conformity over individuality, there is a call for personal style. While you could argue that wearing trendy clothes is a personal style, the thousands of other people wearing the exact same thing beg to differ.

Wearing the same outfit as someone else communicates one thing: I’m no different from them. This is, of course, a complete lie. No two people are exactly alike, especially in regards to personality. There’s no reason for all of us to be wearing the same thing.

Many arguments could be made that participating in trends does say something about you: Maybe you are popular, of a higher social status; maybe you’re the type of person who just picks out whatever’s on the rack; maybe you truly do think the trends express your personality. Trends are a wonderful resource to you, if that’s the case. But it’s hard to believe that’s the case for everyone.

Trends are not bad, and can be used to express individuality if used sparingly and in the right way. But people should not be thought of as lesser for not liking trends either. The clothes you wear are a reflection of who you are, and trends should not be used to hide that special thing that makes you you. It’s okay to stand out from the crowd. Individuality is trending.