Julie Nuter promoting a better university

Kelsey Bruggeman

Although she hasn’t been here long, Julie Nuter is looking to make major changes in the way students, the public and potential employees perceive Iowa State.

“What does it mean to be a part of Iowa State University?” Nuter said as one of her main focus points.

Since her start in early December, Nuter has been headstrong in her plans to promote a better university and each person’s role during their time spent here.

“It’s about the total picture,” she said.

As associate vice president for human resources, her job entitles looking at employee and labor relations, while at the same time compensation for the staff.

Her main focus at the Faculty Senate Meeting this month was to explain her action plan for where she wants to be by her 90-day mark of employment.

Some of this included looking to create more files of data about the faculty at Iowa State.

Nuter said to do so, the human resources department must first step up their game when it comes to technology and resources that are available to them.

Nuter said that it is ironic that we are Iowa State University of Science and Technology and that the school is not being promoted in that way. She believes that we have the resources to be more advanced in technology, so we should be using them to our advantage.

The senate was asked to think of different ways to promote more data and effective ways of collecting it, but no new ideas were brought up.

If her primary goal of expanding technology is achieved then training new members of staff will be easier. Promoting Iowa State to potential new staff will be easier as well.

Nuter mentioned that in her short time period on campus, she has done everything that she can to get a feel for who we are and what we do.

”Get out, listen and learn,” was the advice that she has been giving herself from the beginning.

She wants to master her job as quickly and smoothly as possible to better the university.

With various services that could be offered the transition into being a staff member at ISU would be smoother.

“My intent is to really understand where we are so that we can lay out that extra plan,” Nuter said.

[The human resources department] as a whole could see the changes that are being made when it comes to the training and development of new staff members, Nuter said. During the process of looking for new staff, Iowa State would be presented more holistically.

“The challenge is to define and articulate that to candidates,” Nuter said.

The faculty senate extended a helping hand after Nuter spoke, saying that they are more than willing to help her reach her goals.

Although they have done the same routine for so long and the university may be resistant to change, the faculty senate feels as though they can give the support needed to get to a better place.

“I look forward to future discussions,” said Veronica Dark, Faculty Senate president.