Letter to the Editor: Cast a well informed ballot


Miranda Cantrell/Iowa State Daily

Candidates square off during the Government of the Student Body vice presidential debate in the Memorial Union on Feb. 17. Despite the important role the organization plays in university affairs, GSB meetings and elections generally do not garner much attention from students.

The Government of the Student Body’s annual election is fast approaching. On March 4-5, students will log on to vote.iastate.edu and make their selection for the next student body president and vice president.

While I’m not involved in this year’s campaign, I am reaching out across campus, asking students to take the time to get informed and cast a ballot. Who you choose could have a major impact on next year — and beyond — for Iowa State.

Three pairs of candidates, or slates, are asking for your vote this year: Fitten-Walsh, Kletscher-Hoefer and Martinez-Lafrenz. Each slate is now spending time discussing their visions for our campus. While these visions are the foundation of change, I encourage you to search for more.

The Fitten-Walsh slate wants to implement an e-textbook program for introductory courses, but how will they pay for this — with a new student fee? Kletscher and Hoefer are interested in making student activity fee dollars available for all student organizations, but how will this impact the organizations currently receiving fees when resources are limited? The Martinez-Lafrenz campaign has expressed a desire to improve diversity within GSB, but what specific steps will they take to achieve this goal?

Each candidate will be quick to share the positive outcomes that they hope to attain in office, ranging from new need-based scholarships to more parking availability on campus and everything in between. But don’t settle only for hearing the end goal. Ask to see the path that the candidates will take from start to finish. Take it from me — one year as president can feel like one minute. If ideas aren’t well developed from day one, they’ll always just be ideas.

Students, do your part. Take the time to learn about the candidates and ask the hard questions. If you are well informed and weigh your options, no matter which slate you vote for — be it Fitten-Walsh, Kletscher-Hoefer or Martinez-Lafrenz — you will have made the right decision.