City Council to talk greek housing

Emelie Knobloch

The third passage and adoption of the ordinance exempting fraternities and sororities from the rental housing code is on the agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting.

The Delta Tau Delta fraternity has applied for a demolition permit. This is based on the economic hardship through the land use plan according to Alexandria Harvey, student representative for the city council.

“They plan on building a new building that will host 65 beds and better suit the needs of the fraternity,” Harvey said.

The fraternity believes that the new structure will allow them to provide premium competitive housing, Harvey said.

For permits, petitions and communications, the Cy statue project will be presented tonight.

“The Cy statues are a project from the Leadership Ames class that is being brought to the City Council,” said Susan Gwiasda, public relations officer of the City of Ames.

Harvey said this group will work with the city, if the City Council approves the contract, to place temporary life-size “Cy” statues around the community.

“The Chamber of Commerce’s leadership class plans on creating a “cyclONE city” as a fundraiser,” Harvey said.

Harvey said the statues will be auctioned off and the money will go to charity.

“This is a great way to raise interest and enthusiasm in the community,” Harvey said.

Also under permits, petitions and communications is the motion for either approving or denying request from Kingland Systems to place a video camera traffic signal pole for site construction security.

Gwiasda said that the hearing on the master plan for property located at 321 State Ave. and the hearing on rezoning 321 State Ave. will probably be the most time-consuming items on the agenda.

Liquor licenses for Buffalo Wild Wings at 400 S. Duff Ave. and Stomping Grounds at 303 Welch Ave. are up for renewal.

Liquor licenses for Ge-Angelo’s Italian Restaurant at 823 Wheeler St., Almost Always Open at 419 Lincoln Way and Taking It Easy Lounge at 129 Lincoln Way are seeking approval from council.

The closure of parking spaces on Chamberlain Street between Welch Avenue and fire station number two is on the consent agenda.

This would take place from April 11-13 for law enforcement vehicles and other related equipment to Veishea.

The third passage and adoption of the ordinance eliminating sections of the Ames Municipal Code of the Rental Housing is also on the agenda.

These sections of the Rental Housing Code cover the fire alarm system retrofitting.

The meeting is scheduled begin at 6:30 p.m. with a conference board meeting in City Council Chambers at City Hall.