Samantha Pearsall

The where depends on the who

The proposal spot is the personal stamp of the relationship. There is no right or wrong place; it is something that mirrors the relationship. The location is to represent a connection between one another. Bride-to-be Kayla Novak was swept off her feet in a proposal of grandeur, taking place in front of a waterfall, while happily married Jessica Drenth admits she wouldn’t have had her genuine yet humble proposal in her hometown any other way. It is what happens at the proposal spot that makes it worth remembering.

It’s a memory either way

“A proposal is a commitment to each other, nothing more,” Drenth said. The excess flowers, confetti and flying doves are nice, but when it comes down to it, the sincerity is what is remembered. Novak believed the true genuineness of her proposal came from the sheer surprise of it.

“Being surprised exposes the true feelings in that very moment,” Novak said as she stressed her appreciation of not knowing what was coming. She thinks she would have been overtaken with nerves and stress if she knew the moment was coming. No matter how it is done there will always be an element that is remembered. From a speech given from the heart to making a childhood dream become reality, if it is personal it will never be forgotten.

It may be hard to screw it up but…

It is no secret the one popping the question may get a little queasy — you’re asking a question that will potentially change your life. Katie Minasola, a wife of three and a half years, had two suggestions: get down on one knee and make sure a ring is involved.

Happy to have it happen either way, Minasola practically had to orchestrate the occasion when her then-boyfriend decided to propose standing in a log cabin in the woods. Being an outdoorsy couple, she wanted nature to be a part of the moment. Minasola made him take her outside and get down on his knee. When there was no ring, she wasn’t sure if he was playing a joke on her.

Learn from her experience, have something in the proposal that connects both people, and make sure it seems like the real deal. Even if it is sharing the open air, the memory should be special for the one getting the ring and the one kneeling in mud.