Dance Marathon fundraising deadline near, options possible


Heran Guan/ Iowa State Daily

Students participate in activities during Dance Marathon in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union.

Brian Keck

With the spring semester starting up, Dance Marathon is soon approaching. Dance Marathon, which takes place Jan. 25, is an event at which students dance for a whole day to raise awareness and support for the Children’s Miracle Network.

The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is a non-profit organization whose goal is to serve families throughout the country who have young sick children.

“[Dance Marathon] raises funds and awareness for kids who are fighting a variety of battles we aren’t always thinking about,” said Anna Pringnitz, senior in communication studies and general co-director of Dance Marathon.

This is the 17th year Iowa State has been putting on Dance Marathon. All the funds raised go to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

Dancers who have not raised $250 by Jan. 25 are still allowed to participate in Dance Marathon. In total, its goal is to raise $465,000.

Dance Marathon offers a March 1 credit where students’ fundraising deadline is extended to March 1. Students who do not raise the full $250 will have a charge to their U-Bill for the remanding amount. 

“There are many ways to raise the money before the deadline,” Pringnitz said.

Pringnitz suggests dancers reach out to their personal connections with letters and emails. Dancers can also raise money by advertising challenges on social media.

Students can also partake in canning for money at tailgates during football games or even shoveling snow for donations to Dance Marathon, Pringnitz said.

Because of March 1 credit, dancers are able to sign up and participate in Dance Marathon, and also have time to raise the required amount of money.

“I had a close friend sign up the day before the event and she was able to sign up for March 1 credit,” said Jessica Pearce, senior in kinesiology and health and general co-director of Dance Marathon. “She was able to write letters describing her personal experience with Dance Marathon”

Dance Marathon estimates a little more than 1,000 students participating this year.

Dance Marathon works year-round to recruit more members to participate in the event by having performances on campus that engage and encourage students to get involved. Dance Marathon has 200 students on the committees working to promote the event.

“The main obligation of the committee members is to connect Dance Marathon with the rest of the students at Iowa State to raise awareness,” Pearce said.

Committee members are responsible for updating dancers on fundraising opportunities such as canning for food and working football and basketball concessions.

Students involved with Dance Marathon are able to raise money year-round and grow in their connections with the children who are benefiting from the program.

“The more you get involved with Dance Marathon, the more you realize it’s not just the kids at the event who are affected by your fundraising, but every kid benefits from the technology and treatment we are able to offer them,” Pearce said.

“It’s really cool to be a part of their family. It’s been the best opportunity at Iowa State to grow my Iowa State experience and ultimately turned myself into a person I never saw myself as a freshman, but am now proud of.”

Having grown up with a variety of health issues, Pringnitz appreciates the great health care she has received and makes sure that she can pay it forward and see that others are cared for like she was.