College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers automatic scholarships for 2014 summer courses abroad

Julie Paulson

Starting in the summer term of 2014, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will be offering an automatic, unconditional scholarship to all students participating in one of seven study abroad programs.

The courses for which this scholarship applies include: “Europe at a Crossroads” in Brussels; “Language Policy and Practice” in Quebec; “London, Literature and Theater” in London; “Berlin’s History and Culture” in Berlin; “Building the Empire” in Rome; “Poland thru a Lens” in Poland; and “Changing Lives in Thailand” in Thailand.

All of the courses are three credits, except for “The Archaeology of Greece Excavation” in Greece, which is two to four credits.

The course “Exploring Costa Rica Biodiversity” has been canceled.

“For this scholarship to apply, the course must be taught by an ISU professor for ISU credit,” said Nancy Guthrie, the program coordinator of the Study Abroad Center.

The scholarships are based on a flat rate: $830 for a four-credit course, $625 for a three-credit course and $420 for a two-credit course. Every student, regardless of year or major, will receive this scholarship if they applied. There are no conditions attached, and no application is required to receive the scholarship.

“Last summer, a lot of programs didn’t fill,” Guthrie said. “So the program fees were higher for the student. The more [students] you have, the better it is for everybody.”

The scholarships will be funded through regular tuition from LAS. This does not mean a tuition increase, merely a re-appropriation of funds.

“We’re choosing to invest in the students,” Guthrie said. “We want to grow the study abroad program.”

The scholarship will be offered for the 2014-16 summers before the college reevaluates the investment and decides whether the scholarship will continue to be offered.

“I’m very thankful that I got the scholarship,” said Hannah Pelz, senior majoring in history, who will also be attending the session in Rome. “It’s good that they do this so people can travel if they want. I’m interested in learning the history of Rome…and seeing the real world.”

An estimated 70-90 students are likely to participate in one of the seven available programs.

Applications are closed for “Building the Empire,” but the other programs are still accepting applications.

“We are very appreciative of the LAS administration,” Guthrie said. “[The scholarship] is already making an impact on the number of applicants.”

The scholarship is not the only one offered. Students may apply for it, along with any other scholarship they may have received for studying abroad.

For more information, contact Guthrie at the Study Abroad Center.