Students crave favorite campus study spots with finals imminent

Mackensie Moore

It’s finals time. With impending tests and paper due dates, it is important to find a place for effective studying.

With a campus size of 1,795 acres and more than 140 buildings, Iowa State is full of places to choose.

“My favorite place to study on campus is on the third floor of the library,” said Adam Brower, a sophomore in journalism and mass communication.

Brower said he needs a place to study that is completely silent. As a student who lives off-campus, he has learned that studying in his apartment does not work for him. Now he drives to campus just to study at Parks Library.

“It’s really quiet back there, so I don’t procrastinate or get distracted by other people,” Brower said.

While the library is a popular choice, there are plenty of other choices on campus. Jay Hoch, a graduate student in agronomy, studies in Agronomy Hall in a lab room where he also works.

“I’ve worked there since I was an undergrad, so I’m always studying there,” Hoch said. “It’s very quiet and there’s not a lot of people coming in and out, so I can focus.”

As another student who values silence, Hoch enjoys studying in the lab room because it is free of distractions.

“It’s better for it to be quiet,” Hoch said. “I don’t need electronic distractions around me because it hinders my ability to study.”

While most students need a quiet space, some do not mind noise. Places like the Hub can be a popular place to study because of the smell of coffee.

“I study there because of Caribou Coffee,” said Dani Stratmann, a junior in marketing. “It’s nice because it’s cozy.”

The Hub closes earlier than most places, which is something to keep in mind, but the constant access to coffee keeps people there until the doors close.

“I’ve been there until closing still drinking coffee,” Stratmann said. “I should cut myself off from the coffee, but I don’t, and then I’m up until 2 a.m.”

Alicia Humphrey, a senior in agriculture and life sciences education, has found that studying in Curtiss Hall, where her major and organizations are housed, works best for her.

“Harl Commons in Curtiss Hall is brand new,” Humphrey said. “It just opened this year. You can grab a snack and still study because it’s really quiet.”

She said the space works for her because it isn’t loud, making it easier to listen to her own music.

“I do all my studying there,” Humphrey said. “I don’t really like venturing out to new study spots. After I find a space, I like to stick with it.”