Reyna-Rodriguez: ‘I cannot think of anything else I’d rather dedicate my life to.’


2019-2020 Voices Editor Victoria Reyna-Rodriguez.

Victoria Reyna-Rodriguez

“What do you hope to do with that?” is the first question I get when telling someone I’m a journalism major.

For a long time, my response was simply that I hoped to go into broadcasting. But one day, I realized I didn’t really like that answer anymore.

I thought to myself, “Why did I choose this career? What about this time consuming, competitive, low paying career interests me so much?” And then I realized it wasn’t the opportunity to be on TV that interested me, or even the writing, it was the chance to educate others and give a voice to the voiceless.

My greatest passion has always been standing up for those of marginalized identities, and writing for the Daily has given me a platform to do that.  

Through my writing, I have been able to tell the stories of those who deserve to be heard. I have been able to stand up for minoritized groups and demand the justice they deserve. Not only have I been able to tell important stories, but through these stories, I have been given the opportunity to connect those who otherwise would not have come together.

Journalism is a platform built to empower, educate, inform, connect and so much more. I cannot think of anything else I’d rather dedicate my life to.