Dress, tux fittings keep it all together

Samantha Pearsall

Choosing the right dresses or tuxedos for your wedding and the members of the wedding party is definitely a process. Here is some advice to help that process go smoothly.

For men

A special occasion calls for an exceptional outfit; for a groom it usually means putting on a tux. Ideally, the fitting process would be an in-and-out ordeal, but realistically it will take a touch more effort. However, Leah Porter, manager of Milroy’s Tuxedos Ames, tries to make the process as painless as possible.

Porter has the primary decision-maker pick out the style from her shop’s display then come back whenever is convenient for a quick five-minute fitting. Typically there would be two fittings, one roughly a month out from the wedding and the second the week before. Measurements can be taken outside of the store, but Porter highly suggests getting them done by a professional. All it takes is one inseam for an outseam and you’re left with pants fit for a 15-year-old.

For women

For a few women the dress may magically fit on the first try, but for the rest, there will undoubtedly be a dress fitting.

First and foremost, wait until the dress arrives before scheduling the fitting appointment. It is difficult to try on a dress that’s in a different state. Kayse Carter, co-owner of PureBridal, advises getting the first fitting two months before the wedding, which typically takes half an hour to a full hour.

Once the initial alterations are done, most commonly there will be one or two more fittings weeks before the wedding to make any other adjustments needed. Costs usually range between $100 to $300, depending on the amount of alterations desired.

Don’t forget your underwear

Luckily with all of the planning surrounding a wedding, there isn’t much to remember for a fitting. For men, they are good to go with their undergarments and a pair of dress socks. For women, they can forget the dress socks and add shoes, a bra and Spanx to the list. Even if all else is forgotten, most bridal salons and tuxedo rentals will have the necessities to make the fitting process run smoothly.

It all comes together in the end

Aside from in the movies, it is rare to send someone down the aisle in a wedding garment that does not fit. Carter assures that as long as there is fabric to be sewn or cut, any alteration could be made. For the odd situation that the gown or tux does not fit the week before the wedding, emergency alterations can take place. But at the end of the day, you can be confident the tux will look sharp and the dress will look like it was made for the bride.