Letter to the editor: AFSCME unfairly endorses candidate for governor

The recent endorsement by AFSCME of Tyler Olson on Oct. 31 rings hollow since AFSCME would not allow me to be part of the endorsement process. I believe that every union should treat all the Democratic candidates in the same manner. It is clear that I did not receive the same treatment as Bob Krause, Jack Hatch and Tyler Olson did in meeting with what I believe was a three-person panel. I contacted AFSCME via telephone and email, and was intentionally frozen out by Marcia Nichols, the political director of AFSCME.

I respectfully request AFSCME members to vote their conscience in the June 2014 primary by ignoring the unfair and underhanded AFSCME directive to support Tyler Olson.


Dahl for Governor of Iowa

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