Album Review: ‘ARTPOP’ by Lady Gaga

Amanda Meyer

Lady Gaga has reinvented herself, yet again.

Gaga released her third studio album, “ARTPOP,” on Nov. 6.  The synthpop album features an array of dance floor-friendly tracks, upbeat anthems and even a heartfelt love ballad.

Although at first listen “ARTPOP” sounds musically similar to its predecessors, after examining the album more closely, it can be seen that Gaga has matured and evolved from her original sound while still remaining loyal to her established style of music that has gained her the massive fan base we see today.

This album is a lot more fun and free spirited than Gaga’s previous works.  The songs are more ambient and carefree, whereas many of her tracks on previous albums were emotional and anthemic.

“ARTPOP” begins with a high energy track entitled “Aura” that begins with a Western-esque sound. As the song progresses, it evolves into a wave of synth sounds and techy vocals. The song’s chorus is sexy and empowering, and the verses complement it very well.

“ARTPOP” also features a few tracks which are seemingly more sexual than what Gaga has written previously. Songs such as “G.U.Y,” “Sexxx Dreams” and “Do What U Want” explore Gaga’s sexuality through sensual beats and lyrics.

“ARTPOP” is probably the most experimental track on the album with a lot of ambient beats and sounds to accompany Gaga’s soft vocals. Lyrically, the song really serves no purpose but to explain that “’ARTPOP’ could mean anything.” The song has a mildly quick tempo but still serves as a mellow and soothing track.

Gaga also experimented with a heavy rap sound in “Jewels N’ Drugs” which features T.I., Too $hort and Twista. This song is definitely something we had not seen from Lady Gaga, and combines the general sound of “ARTPOP” with some rigid rap verses.

It is hard to declare a definitive “best track” on ARTPOP because it really depends on what you are looking for within the album. If you have previously enjoyed Gaga’s slow and powerful ballads such as “Speechless” from The Fame or “You & I” from Born This Way, you will fall madly in love with “Dope,” the most emotionally charged song on the album with plenty of piano and strong vocals.

“Mary Jane Holland” is definitely a worthy contender in the run for best track of the album, with a lot of sounds put together to make an extremely high energy song with strong vocals and a catchy bridge and chorus. The song is definitely dance-worthy and just an all around feel-good track.

The only drawback of “ARTPOP” is that the songs may be more enjoyable to Gaga’s fan base rather than average radio listeners.

Overall, the album’s tracks and make-up fit very well together, and it is a fantastic composition.