Candidates highlight importance of students’ voices in city elections


Todd Rogness, a representative from Kingland Systems, the real estate firm that last year purchased a large chunk of property along Lincoln Way, addressed the Ames City Council to talk about the project.

Emelie Knobloch

City Council candidates have said Tuesday’s election will affect ISU students due to changes going on in 4th Ward, which encompasses Campustown.

The elections for Ames City Council and mayor are Tuesday, Nov. 5.

“It’s going to be like nothing we have ever seen before because of the redistricting,” said Mayor Ann Campbell, who is running unopposed for re-election.

Chris Nelson, candidate for the 4th Ward seat on Ames City Council, said that new developments to Campustown will impact students when it comes to the elections.

“Iowa State students come from all different areas so many topics impact different students,” Nelson said.

Victoria Szopinski, another council candidate for the 4th Ward, said a major issue coming up that will impact students is the Kingland project in Campustown.

“Get out and vote,” Szopinski said. “Anne Kinzel, Gloria Betcher and I are very excited about bringing the council to campus. We cannot always wait for the students to come to us.”

Any eligible voter can register to vote on Election Day. The voter must show proof of identity as well as proof of current residence.

Voters may find proof of residence on a residential lease, utility bill, bank statement or any other government document.

Proof of identity can be shown with valid driver’s license, nondriver identification card, U.S passport, U.S. military ID, ID card issued by an employer or an ISUCard.

College students may vote in their home address or their college address. Students cannot register to vote in both, said Matt Schultz, Iowa’s secretary of State.

“This election is going to have important consequences for the next 20 years,” said Timothy Gartin, City Council candidate for the 2nd Ward.

Each ward will have its own election polling places on the day of election.

The majority of Iowa State’s campus is located in the 4th Ward.

“All of the City Council candidates are great people, the kind of people that should be on City Council,” Gartin said.