Letter: Support for the Healthy Life Center


Photo: Suit Yee Yee/Iowa State Daily

Katherine Poore, sophomore in history, does her physical therapy after a knee surgery at Health Center on Jan. 30, 2013. Poore underwent knee surgery after injuring her ACL during a basketball game.

We authorized $7 million for the Healthy Life Center in part because Mary Greeley Medical Center has a growing focus on helping people be healthy rather than waiting to provide care for them when they become ill or injured. Mary Greeley has no taxing authority, so the pledged funds are not tax dollars. 

Beyond the physical therapy space and warm water therapy pool that are key components of the Healthy Life Center for Mary Greeley, the Healthy Life Center will be an unprecedented collaboration that will meld together fitness, nutrition, and multigenerational socialization, plus research and outreach opportunities for faculty and students.

Key reasons for supporting the Healthy Life Center include: continued access to recreational swimming year-round after the municipal pool at the high school is torn down; a teaching kitchen that will help people understand how to cook healthfully; a resource to help the area workforce be as healthy as possible, reducing healthcare costs; an attractive amenity that can assist with recruiting staff and retired active baby boomers to the area; and much more.

Please join us in supporting the Healthy Life Center with your enthusiastic “YES” vote on Sept. 10!

Mary Greeley Medical Center Board of Trustees

Sarah Buck, Chair

Kenneth McCuskey, Secretary/Treasurer

Brad Heemstra

Mary Kitchell

Beth Swenson