Manager of Seasons dining center copes with food intolerances


Courtesy of Bethany Landon

Despite her many food allergies and intolerances, Bethany Landon works as the manager of Seasons dining center. Landon is also currently studying dietetics at Iowa State.

Brian Keck

Since coming to Iowa State, the manager of Seasons has developed many food intolerances that limit her work. 

Bethany Landon started as the manager with Seasons when it opened in 2009. 

Landon is in charge of more than 300 student employees along with 32 full time staff members. 

“I started developing intolerance and reactions to different foods and chemicals,” Landon said. 

Over the past few years, Landon said she has developed multiple food intolerances including: gluten, soy, nut, tree nut, cane sugar, grape, corn and dairy.  

These intolerances have limited the foods Landon can eat and the foods she can be around. 

Whenever the chefs are cooking with flour, they have to alert Landon so she doesn’t get in contact with the allergens, Landon said.  

“[It’s hard] sending someone else in the place when I should do it but cannot because of my health,” Landon said. 

With all of Landon’s different food allergies she said she still finds hope and searches for the positive parts of her intolerances. 

“I am limited enough and have learned a lot more about different components of food and how to handle my own diet as well as anyone else’s,” Landon said. “It’s fun for me to be able to let people know that it’s OK and that you’re not a problem”

Landon is able to better understand students with food allergies and give them safe and healthy food choices, she said.   

“I want to help other people like me,” Landon said. “Teach them what they can and cannot eat.”

Landon is currently working on her dietetics degree at Iowa State. This will be her third degree in addition to hospitality and business degrees. 

Landon said she hopes to work with dietetics and be able to support other people like her. 

“I would love being a support for a group for individuals that are struggling with their food intolerances,” Landon said. “It’s Ok to have issues. Everyone has them and shouldn’t be ashamed of them.”

With people being more aware on what they are eating, it is important to meet their special diet needs, said Lisa Nolting, ISU Dining dietitian. 

Seasons offers a call in service for students with food allergies so they can have a safe meal. In addition to Seasons, Union Drive Marketplace also offers students a special-diets kitchen. 

“It’s important to us that the students know they have a place where they can go to get food that is safe for them,” Nolting said.