Women more tattooed than men

Kelsey Johnson

For the first time in the history of tattooing traditions, women are getting inked more often than men. A study released by Oxygen Media and conducted by Lightspeed Research shows the unexpected truth behind the assumptions. While 85 percent of people surveyed believed that men were more heavily tattooed, the study shows that only 41 percent of men are tattooed and the number of tattooed women is on the rise at 59 percent.

The art of tattoos has always been viewed as a rugged and often grungy form of art. In changing times, it has become viewed as a style of fine art. Artists are seeing women come in more often than before, and though this is the case, there are differences in the styles of tattoos that women are obtaining than the ones that men strive for.

Brandon Kolb, an artist at Lasting Impressions located on Welch Avenue, says that he has begun to tattoo more women than he had previously. He says the major difference he has noticed between the trends men follow for tattoos and the ones that women follow is the size difference. He says women will come in and want something smaller than palm sized on average, and that men come in requesting much larger pieces such as sleeves.

The study released by Oxygen Media shows that men get their arms tattooed three times more often than women, whereas women prefer to get their tattoos on their upper or lower backs. The study also shows that 27 percent of women get their ankle tattooed, and almost none of the male population surveyed even had tattoos that went down to their ankles.

“It seems that we do tattoo more girls around here, but guys usually tend to get bigger stuff because of the shapes of their bodies. More masculine tattoos tend to be bigger,” Kolb has noticed that trending tattoos have a lot to do with women getting inked more often. He says that even though women are coming in more often, they are sticking to the smaller tattoos that they see images of on social media such as Pinterest.

Kolb says that girls always come to get tattooed with at least three to four people. The study released by Oxygen Media shows that 40 percent of women have turned their tattoo experience into a shared one, bringing family or friends. Kyle Ries, an artist at The Asylum on Welch Avenue, says that women bring in people more often as a support system and as a source for a third opinion on design, location and the pain that will come with the tattoo.

“I think people tend to get tattoos and try to find a meaning afterwards. I think it’s more of an aesthetic type thing,” Kolb also has noticed the lack of meaning behind trending tattoos recently. According to the study released by Oxygen Media, 68 percent of women get their tattoos because they simply portray beauty. Ries says that women come in with a tattoo idea that is based solely on aesthetic reasons.

When going into tattoo shops to get a new piece done, everyone should have at least an idea or vision of the tattoo they desire and should not simply base ideas off of social media or other’s opinions. All artists agree that too many people come in with no clue of what they want to put on their skin. Artists really enjoy when customers give them artistic reign, but more thought should be put into such permanent decisions.