DIY Bottle Lanterns

Amanda Stefanik

Living in small spaces can sometimes make your holiday decorations pretty drab. A lack of space is an easy way to make decorations look cluttered. Bottle lanterns are great way to spruce up your home for the holidays and use items that you may already have laying around the house to create a fun lighting piece to place in any living space. Materials for this fun, simple project includes:

  • Empty glass bottles or mason jars
  • String lights

Instructions: Make sure the bottles and jars are clean and dry on the inside before you begin. Once the bottles are prepped, take the string lights and carefully feed the lights through the neck of one bottle. If you are using a jar as well, start with that since it is much easier to get the lights into than a small bottle neck, then you can move to the tedious task of feeding lights into a bottle. Once the lights are mostly in, take into account how much wiring you will need to safely reach an outlet. The best way to use a grouping of lights is to make sure both inlet and outlet of the light string is sticking out of your bottle so you can connect one string of lights to the next. Once you have your bottle or collage of bottles stuffed with lights, plug in and enjoy your festive light piece. Be careful though, the bottles can get pretty warm so keep away from flammable objects. I recommend placing in a kitchen or on a coffee table.