Career fair advice: Research companies before the fair

Sam Johnson

It’s time for the career fair. You’re suiting up and raring to go, but before you approach a company, do your research. Some industries such as agriculture are diverse and businesses can be highly specialized. Knowledge of the company can be the difference in building the relationship needed to land the internship you want.

Many, if not all, companies have a website. When looking for an internship with a specific company, go to their website and find out what the company stands for, what values the company was built on and what their overall goal is as a company. It could also be helpful to know who started the company and when. 

Along with researching the company, research current events in the company’s specific sector. Knowledge of current events in the company’s area of expertise is attractive to employers. If a company just landed a huge contract in their field, it is good to know about that contract. If the company just put on a major event, know about the event. Many employers love to hear prospective employees are aware of events within the company.