ClubFest to begin Wednesday


Last year, ClubFest took place on Sept. 5 on Central Campus. The event was held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. There were six tents holding all the attending clubs and organizations.

Amber Mohmand

Iowa State has over 800 clubs covering a variety of topics, and ClubFest is an event that brings most of them together for students to check out. 

ClubFest will be 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday on Central Campus. It is an event where many clubs and organizations at Iowa State get together for students to browse through all of the selections. The clubs that are participating vary in purpose, such as political and specific interest clubs.

“I’m excited to see the variety of clubs that are coming,” Tim Reuter, the Service Learning and Student Organizations coordinator said. “It’s always really cool to see just how many different ways for students to get involved on campus and how many different unique items they plan to show off.”

Reuter said there is no particular method to approaching ClubFest. 

“Really it’s just about kind of through the tents — checking it out, going through the demonstration area — seeing what’s out there and really just exploring,” Reuter said. 

The full list of the participating clubs will be published on the Student Activities Center website. The clubs participating will have booths featuring informational handouts, large displays, demonstrations and giveaways that represent the topic. 

“Right now the solar car is planning to come, Cyclone Polars is planning on bringing their tractors that they use — there will be a robot there,” Reuter said. “There’s a lot of variety on campus and it’s just really cool to see how active all these clubs are and how involved these students want to be.” 

The clubs will not be organized by specific groups; instead, they will be randomized.

“We intentionally don’t group student groups based on specific groups.” Reuter said. “We do that because we don’t want students to just go to a certain area and only focus on getting involved with those groups — we want them to be exposed to a broad variety of groups.”

ClubFest is an opportunity for students to check out the hundreds of clubs that Iowa State has to offer. Students can find clubs they’re interested in and may discover something new they would like to explore.

“Say if you’re [a student] really looking for engineering clubs to go to, you might see a sport club right next door that seems interesting — you can also engage with them,” Reuter said. “We really try to make it as heterogeneous as possible.” 

The full list of clubs will also be mapped out on the MyState App the day of the event. If it is raining during ClubFest, based on the severity of the weather, the event will be moved to 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union.