Suspicious Package Reported at the Hub

Much of campus near the library was blocked off Wednesday, due to a suspicious package found west of the Hub.


According to Captain Darin Van Ryswyk of the Iowa State Police Department, at roughly 8 am this morning a report of a suspicious package outside of the Hub was called into the switchboard by a concerned student. As of 11:00 am, a zone stretching from the Hub’s outdoor dining area to the center of the adjacent courtyard has been evacuated and taped off.

When officers arrived on scene they found what appeared to be “some sort of cylindrical device in a sock,” said Van Ryswyk, “a decision was made to call the State Fire Marshall’s Office and have them inspect the item.”

Students traversing the campus shouldn’t be fearful or hindered though. According to Van Ryswyk, “It shouldn’t affect student flow too much, we haven’t close down any structures at this time.” This includes the Hub, which is still open for business, albeit a bit a longer walk for students coming from library as they walk around all the tape.

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