Funding for triathlon club bikes fails in GSB


Yanhua Huang/ Iowa State Daily

Hillary Kletscher, junior in biological systems engineering, listens senators discussion about campus town reconstruction project. GSB held weekly regular meeting at Campanile Room of the Memorial Union at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

Brian Voss

After debate in the Government of the Student Body Senate, a bill to fund $2,240 for triathlon club bikes failed on a vote of 15-16-1.

Sen. Nick Terhall said he did not see the logic in funding the bikes.

“I feel that this would be funding something that’s unnecessary,”  Terhall said. “I’m trained to be an engineer, I see a problem and I’m trained to solve it. I have trouble seeing a problem here. … I don’t see the logic in funding these bikes, so I would encourage a no vote on this,”

Sen. Barry Snell addressed Terhall’s comments, stating funding the triathlon club bikes is part of the purpose of GSB.

“This kind of thing is what we do,” Snell said. “Funding these bicycles, these capital projects is precisely what our job is until we decide that will change.” 

Sen. Nathan Vos agreed with Terhall and encouraged the Senate to be conservative in allocating funds.

“I don’t necessarily think that because we have a lot of money means that we have to spend it frivolously,” Vos said. “The group hasn’t really shown a dire need.” 

Snell addressed statements about GSB having financial problems, contributing them to a past finance director, rather than fiscal irresponsibility last year. 

“Our financial troubles weren’t caused by overspending, they were caused by the fact that we started out with bad numbers, which came from two fiscal years ago, from another finance director, who most of us don’t even know,” Snell said. 

In other business, a bill passed to eliminate Daily advertisements from Priorities and Criteria.

Sen. Gage Kensler said this did not mean that advertisements for student organizations could no longer be funded by GSB.

 “It’s not that we’re completely cutting off Daily ads from funding; it’s just that we’re looking into possibly opening up the options for different types of funding,” Kensler said.

Jaylen Blankenship, James Brady, Robert Stokka, Alex Harrison, Sam Wanzenreid and Jeff DeRocher were confirmed as nonvoting members. Former GSB Sen. Jake Swanson was confirmed as a voting member.

“As this bill was written tonight, we will have six voting and six nonvoting members,” said Adam Guenther, election commissioner.