Iowa State, Ames provides versatile jobs for students


Caitlin Yamada/Iowa State Daily

Lexie Schwerin is a sophomore in criminal justice at Iowa State and works at Hy-Vee as a paystation clerk. Schwerin is in charge of the food area by taking orders and checking out customers. 

Amber Mohmand

Students who are entering college and pulling out federal loans are also looking for jobs to either pay down the loans, or pay for their supplies. At Iowa State’s campus, there are hundreds of job opportunities, and in Ames as a whole, there are even more. 

On-campus jobs are exactly what they sound like – jobs on campus. The location helps students stay on campus, which can be helpful for those who do not have a car. Popular jobs, such as student dining or tutoring, provide students with the flexibility and compatibility for class schedules. 

There are a multitude of possible jobs on campus, many of which students can seek out on the job board on AccessPlus. A position as an on-campus tutor, provided by the Academic Success Center, is a job for students who qualify and can teach the classes listed on the website. 

Other areas, such as the Iowa State Foundation Phone Center, are not directly on-campus, but very near to it. Sierra Shields, a sophomore in psychology and a student supervisor for the Iowa State Foundation Phone Center, said she appreciates the flexibility the job offers. 

“I like it a lot because it close to campus and it fits well with my schedule,” Shields said. “The shifts are weeknights from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and most of the time it fits in well. I also have the freedom to pick which days I work which makes it super convenient. It’s a really fun job and a great way to meet new people.”

On-campus jobs can also pay students through a work-study program, which students who are eligible for work-study can receive preference during the hiring process — according to the Office of Financial Aid website. Benefits such as room and board can be provided for jobs like Community Adviser in the dorms or apartments. 

Ames boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country — 1.5%  according to National Public Radio — and many businesses post notices they are hiring on their front doors, a sign of the good job market.

For students who work off-campus, variety and location have been a factor for choosing their jobs. Lexie Schwerin, a sophomore in criminal justice and cashier at Hy-Vee, said she enjoys her job because it gives her more hours. 

“[I] don’t feel like I’m always at school or on campus [while working],” Schwerin said. 

Schwerin also said working off-campus gives her a variety of tasks to do, such as checking to bussing tables in the food area, although the downside of working off-campus could be too many hours.

“I may be late if scheduled right after class,” Schwerin said. “During summer the employer might assume you want full time hours, but that’s not always the case.”