Iowa State welcomes Billy Boulden as new director of Greek Affairs


Billy Boulden, the new president of Greek Affairs, joined the staff earlier this year, promising to be an integral part of the ISU greek culture.

Delaney Vierkandt

Billy Boulden is the new assistant dean of Students and director of Greek Affairs at Iowa State. Boulden started on July 8 after applying in May. 

“My primary responsibility is to provide the overall direction of the greek community,” Boulden said. “So using our strategic plans and goals and advocating for our community, all four councils and our staff to achieve the perimeters that have been established there.”

Boulden came to Iowa State with a lot of experience in the field, which is why Pamela Anthony, dean of Students, said she felt he was good for the position.

“He has experience working with all four councils, which was really important to me,” Anthony said. “He’s also good working with students.”

Boulden has a lot of experience in the greek community, he said. He was the associate director of Greek Affairs at Florida State, the primary adviser for the Interfraternity Council and the National Panhellenic Council at Florida State, taught a greek leadership course, and also did alternative spring break program where he started an international trip to Jamaica, along with other various assignments.

Prior to that, Boulden was the assistant director of student activities at Longwood University in Virginia, where he worked directly with Interfraternity Council, he was a partner with Greek Initiatives, developed a leadership series for male students and also was in charge of student activities, where he organized campus entertainment such as concerts, movies, etc.

Boulden was also a leadership consultant for Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. In college, he was part of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, and was also vice president of the chapter. He went on a national philanthropy trip, then proceeded to work on headquarters staff after that.

“For me to be able to leave a position I’m happy in and enjoy the work I was doing, I really needed to go somewhere that I could advance my career and provide leadership for a team and office,” Boulden said. “As well as work with a greek community that was thriving.”

Boulden said he wants to take Iowa State from being a great greek community, to being the best greek community in the country. He plans on doing this by recruiting and retaining a great staff, as well as working well with greek alumni.

“The career staff here is phenomenal,” Boulden said. “From Katy Cran, our assistant director, to all of the graduate students that work in our office.”

Anthony is Boulden’s supervisor, which means she is responsible for evaluating his work, along with making performance appraisal recommendations.

“There are phenomenal people at Iowa State,” Boulden stated. “And I’m just glad to be a part of their lives and a part of the experience.”