Letter to the editor: Participate in Dance Marathon

Anna Pringnitz

For ISU Dance Marathon 2013, the fundraising calculation at the end of the year was $388,457.16. Unfortunately there was a miscalculation and that number was not accurate.

Our donation from 2013 was actually $327,032.16. We are very proud of this huge achievement for the kids at University of Iowa Children’s Hospital; during the past two years, we’ve raised and donated more than $700,000. Along with this, we have a pledge to the new hospital and we’re still on track to donate $1 million with five years of this project. 

During the course of a number of weeks, we have discovered that this was simply an accounting error. Since this occurred last January, the online and offline systems we use to calculate the final donation number have been improved and simplified. Additionally, we have adjusted our record keeping practices in order to better meet our needs as a growing organization. We have no doubts about the calculation for 2014, and we have no doubts about where we are right now; we are confident this won’t happen again. To fully assure that our numbers are correct, we have been working with George Micalone, student activities director; Kevin Merrill, leadership and service director; and Sarah Brumwell, liaison for Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon. Our advisers will periodically check our numbers throughout the months, as well as the final numbers in January before we publish the final total on Jan. 25, 2014.

We set a goal last spring of raising $465,000 during the course of the year For The Kids. This will require a 43 percent increase over 2013, not the 20 percent increase we had originally projected. Despite this, we are continuing to strive to reach that fundraising goal.

ISU Dance Marathon is hoping to do amazing and great things for Dance Marathon 2014, and more importantly For The Kids; we want to give the kids more than we ever have before. We know Iowa State is made up of dedicated, passionate and incredible students, and we need these students’ help in order to reach our goals.

If you want to join this movement or have any questions for ISU Dance Marathon, please email [email protected].

For The Kids,

Anna Pringnitz and Jessica Pearce

DM 2014 general executive co-directors