City Ccouncil approves temporary road closures for ISU Homecoming

Emelie Knobloch

Requests from the ISU Homecoming committee were approved, allowing street closures to take place as planned on Nov. 8.

Co-chairs of the ISU Homecoming committee, Melanie Anderson and Carly Taylor, were present for discussion of the requests.

“A bunch of events will be put-on to bring the community together as a whole,” Taylor said.

ISU Homecoming’s requests included closure of portions of Ash Avenue, Gray Avenue, Lynn Avenue, Pearson Avenue and Sunset Drive between 6:30 and 11 p.m. Nov. 8 and a temporary obstruction permit for area inside street closures Nov. 8.

“The pep rally this year will have a lot of activities like ‘Yell Like Hell’ finals, fireworks and free pancakes,” Anderson said.

ISU Homecoming also requested a fireworks permit for ground effects fireworks shoot on Central Campus at midnight on Nov. 9.

“The fireworks are all ground effects,” Taylor said. “We are using the same vendors as last year so it should be a similar show to last year.”

The greek housing and the rental housing code were brought up later in the evening.

“We want the fraternities to understand that we are not trying to shut them down,” said City Council member Matthew Goodman.

Alexandria Harvey, ex officio for the council, said that from the students’ perspective, there has been some miscommunication within the greek community.

“I am all in favor of moving it up quickly,” said City Council member Jami Larson about the rental housing code and greek housing situation.

The hearing for an amendment to change Campustown building height was pushed back to Nov. 12.

“Tonight is the initiation process of this project,“ said Kelly Diekmann, director of planning and housing for Ames. 

There was a resolution to set the date of the public hearing for the Campustown Urban Renewal Plan for Nov. 12 as well.

“All of these complex paths are going to come together on Nov. 12,” said city manager Steven Schainker.

Diekmann also said the next three council meetings will have items on the agenda involving this.

Liquor licenses were renewed for Cave Events Room located at 122 Welch Ave. and the London Underground located at 212 Main St.

Beer and wine licenses were renewed at Southgate Expresse located at 110 Airport Road and Kitchen, Bath & Home located at 201 Main St.

Liquor licenses were approved for +39 Restaurant & Cantina located at 2640 Stange Road and Olde Main Brewing at the ISU Alumni Center located at 420 Beach Ave.

Five-day liquor licenses were approved for Olde Main Brewing at the CPMI Event Center located at 2321 North Loop Drive and Olde Main Brewing at the ISU Alumni Center.

City Council members Peter Orazem, Jeremy Davis, Victoria Szopinski, Jami Larson, Thomas Wacha and Matthew Goodman; city manager Steven Schainker; and Mayor Ann Campbell were all present at the meeting in the City Council chambers.

City Council candidates Justin Dodge, Tim Gartin and Chris Nelson were also in attendance among the audience.