Letter: Appalled by Cy-Hawk fan behavior


Caitlin Yamada/ Iowa State Daily

Students and other fans made a huge turnout for ESPN College GameDay on Saturday, Sept. 14, at Iowa State. Many different Iowa and Iowa State signs were scattered throughout the audience. 

Laura Amsler and Jim Cain

Dear fellow ISU Fans,

As proud ISU alumni we were mortified to learn of our daughter’s experience at the 2019 Cy-Hawk game as a member of the Hawkeye Marching Band. She described ISU fans who swore at the band, yelled “go home” and continuously flipped them the bird. 

As ISU alumni, we are appalled that our daughter had to endure such vulgarity at our alma mater. We were equally saddened to find out that the ISU Marching Band had a similar experience at Kinnick last year.   

What used to be, and should be, a good-natured rivalry has turned into a verbally violent and aggressive display of misplaced loyalty by fans of both teams to the point that the BAND is being targeted with vulgar, disrespectful and almost bordering on abusive, behavior.  

We challenge ISU and UI Fans to step up their game to show positive sportsmanship! Cheer on your team, but leave at home the vulgarity and abusive behavior toward members of the opposing school. When the band, cheer squad and dance team of either team passes by, tell them “great job and good luck!” These young people put in many hours of hard work to bring entertainment and energy to the game. They deserve to be treated respectfully, no matter which team they support.

We say a big THANK YOU to those ISU fans who told members of the Hawkeye Marching Band that they did a good job and even said “good game” after a close and heartbreaking loss for ISU. Similar kudos to Hawkeye fans who treated ISU band members with the decency and respect they deserve at last year’s game.  You are true Cyclones and Hawkeyes embodying all that is good about both universities!