GSB discusses ASSET funding

Lauren Klein

A member of the Analysis of Social Services Evaluation Team, Melissa Mundt, attended the Government of the Student Body’s weekly senate meeting to talk about the program.

The ASSET program makes recommendations to groups that provide funding for services based on health, basic needs, youth and child services, and prevention. GSB has allocated $140,000 for ASSET to be used on these programs with the understanding they will provide a service for Iowa State students.

“ASSET is an opportunity for the student body to really invest in what is an uncommon part of the student experience,” said GSB Sen. Khayree Fitten. “There are lots of different demographics or student populations that have differing needs than the majority of the student body. We have to make sure with their fees their needs are being met.”

On Wednesday, Sept. 11, the senate discussed and decided which programs met their priorities. These include personal safety programs, childcare services, substance abuse prevention and treatment, legal services, subsidized housing, and services that enhance the understanding of community.

“I think it is important because there are many students who may not appear to benefit directly, but many benefit unaware of the fact that this benefits them,” said Finance Director Dan Rediske. “It benefits the community which does benefit the Iowa State community.”

Some of the projects which will benefit from money distributed by ASSET include homeless shelters and food pantries under the subsidized housing category.

GSB has been working with ASSET since 1985. GSB renewed its contract with ASSET at this meeting.

The senate meets every Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. at Memorial Union.