Student Government continues seating senators and at-larges


Student Government’s Vice President Vishesh Bhatia listens to student comments Sept. 18 during an open forum at the Student Government meeting.

Cassie Lehmann

Student Government passed funding for an STD testing project, sat at-larges to committees, named the vice commissioner for the Election Commission and reviewed Story County Analysis of Social Services Evaluation Team (ASSET) funding at Wednesday night’s meeting.

By a vote of 23-2-3, the “Get Yourself Tested Program,” an STD testing project, will be funded by Student Government this academic year with 400 tests covered with a fund of $22,000. Students interested in partaking in this program can call the Thielen Student Health Center and Student Wellness and mention the “Get Yourself Tested Program” to make an appointment during the months of Oct., Nov., Feb., March and April.

The tests will be free of charge and completely anonymous.

Kristen Hoffman, junior in agricultural business, Natalie Vos, sophomore in accounting, Max Reuble, sophomore in statistics and Thomas Tigges, senior in finance were sat as at-larges to the Green Initiatives Fund committee with unanimous consent.

Additionally, Elisa Mulkerrin, junior in animal science, was sat as an at-large to the Student Initiative committee with unanimous consent.

The vice commissioner for the Election Commission was filled by Hans Mueller, junior in industrial engineering.

“Part of my major, industrial engineering, is looking for improvement in everywhere we go,” Mueller said.

Mueller was asked questions by the Senate and discussed his ideas and improvements for the Election Commission.

“For the upcoming election, we want it consistent with the election from four years ago,” Mueller said. “That’d be great.”

Mueller was approved by unanimous consent.

Following that, the Senate added Will Stemler, sophomore in industrial engineering and Jessie Bustin, junior in statistics and data science, to the Election Commission by unanimous consent.

Student Government also clarified its priorities for ASSET.

Student Government is a funder of ASSET, which distributes funds to human service programs. 

The bill prioritized childcare services, services providing aid to victims of sexual assault, services related to Sexual Health and STD prevention, substance abuse prevention and treatment and legal services not provided by Student Legal Services.

The bill passed by unanimous consent.

For more information or to contact your senator, visit The senate meetings are open to the public at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.