Board of Regents approves Iowa State requests


Kennedy DeRaedt/Iowa State Daily

Pam Cain (middle), interim senior vice president and university secretary from the division of finance at Iowa State, talks about the register of Iowa State University capital improvement business transactions. Board of Regents held a meeting on Feb. 27 in the Reiman Ballroom at the Alumni Center to hear from the property and facilities committee, the investment and finance committee, the academic affairs committee, campus and student affairs committee, audit and compliance committee and University of Iowa hospitals and clinics committee.

Jacob Smith

The Iowa Board of Regents met yesterday, where they approved multiple requests from Iowa State which will create change in curriculum and on campus.

Iowa State had requested to add a Bachelor of Science in business analytics and master in athletic training into the schools’s curriculum, raze the Insectary Building on Iowa State’s campus, purchase 10.6 acres of land in eastern Ames and accept a real estate gift from the Committee for Agriculture Development. Each request was approved by the board.

Starting in Jan. 2020, Iowa State will offer business analytics as an undergraduate major for students in the Ivy College of Business. Additionally, in May 2020, students will be able to pursue a master’s degree in athletic training.

Adding the business analytics major spurs no new costs to the university or students as Iowa State already has all the necessary faculty and space to run these programs. However, implementing Athletic Training programs will cost $41,500 in the first year and $50,000 the third year, totaling $91,500 altogether, as stated in the request.

The Insectary Building, located at 2311 Pammel Dr., will be demolished and returned to greenspace by request from Iowa State. The Insectary Building was requested to be razed since it “has a number of serious deficiencies, extensive deferred maintenance and building systems well past their useful life,” as stated in the request.

Razing the building will cost an indeterminate amount between $500,000 and $600,000 which will come from university funds.

The board also approved the acceptance of a real estate gift on behalf of Iowa State from the Committee for Agricultural Development.

The section of land is 7.02 acres and five buildings totaling 45,000 square feet at the Curtiss Farm at 2119 State Ave.

“Those buildings are right next to the Curtiss Farm, where we’re building that, so it’s right along the things that we need,” said Pam Cain, interim senior vice president for operations and finance. “It’s a really great gift from the Committee for Agricultural Development.”

Iowa State President Wendy Wintersteen also addressed the board and acknowledged the school’s enrollment numbers for the fall 2019 semester.

“As the state’s only land grant institution, we have a mission of teaching, research and extension again that benefits all Iowans,” Wintersteen said.

33,391 students in total enrolled with all 99 counties, 50 states and 115 countries being represented. Iowa State also has the largest freshman class out of any other Iowa university reaching 5,597 students. 16,865 of the 33,391 students are undergraduate students at Iowa State.

“But what we’re most proud of at Iowa State is that we don’t simply bring in large numbers of students, we continue to enhance our campus environment and experience to ensure that each student has the opportunity to be successful if they’re willing to work hard,” Wintersteen said.