Saige Heyer

The Intensive English and Orientation Program (IEOP) at Iowa State University (ISU) helps international students improve their abilities to read, write, speak, and understand English. The IEOP provides small classes, dedicated instructors, and a chance to speak with native speakers. The primary goal of IEOP is to prepare international students for success in their academic studies at Iowa State.

“Students will come to IEOP to improve their English language skills to a level that is sufficient for them to begin their full-time academic study,” Assistant Program Director Suzanne van der Valk said.

During a typical semester, IEOP has around 100 students from 10 or more different countries.

For more information about IEOP or English learning opportunities, please visit the IEOP website at http://www.ieop.iastate.edu/.

Top Ten Ways to Improve your English

1. Make friends who are native speakers. Sit next to a native speaker in class, for example.

2. Watch movies or shows in English. Turn on the closed captions to help you understand.

3. Listen to music in English. At Pandora.com, you can listen to music online. The lyrics are provided as text so you can see what they are singing. Repeating a chorus can help you practice pronunciation.

4. Get involved on campus. Join a club (https://sodb-stuorg.sws.iastate.edu/). Take a fun class (http://www.sac.iastate.edu/index.cfm?nodeID=19741).

5. Are you religious? Attend church in Ames! This is a great way to get involved and meet native speakers!

6. Use English with all your friends, even the friends from your home country.

7. Read in English. Reread a book you enjoyed in your native language!

8. Look up words you don’t know. Did your textbook use a word you don’t understand? Expand your vocabulary and look it up!

9. Ask questions. Iowans are very friendly and helpful. Did someone say something you don’t understand? Ask them to explain.

10. Join the IEOP Facebook group: www.fb.com/groups/isuieop. You will learn about ways to improve your English and about events that are going on in Ames and at ISU.