Unique wedding themes

Maggie Mcginity

Worried that your wedding day will be monotonous and bland? Concerned that your decor and favors will seem old hat to your guests? Consider embracing one of the interesting, original and unusual wedding themes listed below to make your big day anything but boring:

  • Casino: Give your guests the chance to prove that they are as lucky at card and casino games as you and your new spouse are lucky in love. Design original drinks and name them after famous casinos. Fashion your reception space in the style of the Monte Carlo in Monaco or the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Set up stations for various games and give your guests fake money to win or waste on faux gambling.
  • Day of the Dead/Halloween: Ever wished Tim Burton could direct your wedding? Consider scheduling your big day on Halloween or on Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Pairing black and bridal white with candlelight will give your reception space a spooky feel. Replacing traditional wedding cake with a candy bar will give your guests the chance to trick-or-treat again. Of course, no Halloween-themed wedding would be complete without a choreographed group dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”
  • Decade: Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong decade? Ever longed for the fashion of the 1950s, the freedom of the 1960s or the style of the 1970s? A decade-themed wedding is perfect for you. Pick out your favorite decade(s), then go to town selecting decorations, finding a vintage or vintage-inspired dress and crafting the perfect retro playlist.
  • Favorite book: With the growing popularity of books-turned-movies, weddings based on book series like “Harry Potter,” “The Hunger Games” and “Game of Thrones” are popping up all over the country. Whether your favorite book is modern fantasy, a piece of classic literature or a children’s book, basing your wedding on it will make you love your big day and your best book even more.
  • Travel: For couples who’ve caught the travel bug, a travel theme is the perfect way to share that common interest. Use pictures of places you’ve visited or want to visit as table markers. Gift your guests with cute (e)motion sickness bags. Have your ceremony officiated by an airplane pilot or ship captain. A whirlwind trip of a wedding will have you and your guests feeling on top of the world.

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