NTK ATMs, mail boxes


Photo: Riley Eveleth/Iowa State Daily

An ATM is a great way to grab money on the go, and are found almost everywhere.

Saige Heyer

You never know when you’re going to need a little bit of cash, so having some on you at all times may be a good idea. You can either go to your bank and withdraw some or find an ATM. None of the cash registers on campus have cash back capabilities. If you’re looking for an ATM on campus, here’s where you can find one:

• College of Design

• College of Veterinary Medicine

• Hawthorn Market and Cafe at Frederiksen Court

• Hilton Coliseum

• The Hub

• Maple/Willow/Larch commons

• Memorial Union (West entrance, Food Court and University Bookstore)

• Parks Library

• Stephens Auditorium (by the ticket window)

• Union Drive Community Center

If you need to mail a letter to your family or friends, you can mail them from the mail box areas in the residence halls, the Memorial Union or the post office on Welch Avenue.