NTK: Study spots on campus

Tedi Mathis

Ready to leave the comfort of the bed in your dorm room for some study time? Iowa State’s campus may be big, but that means endless options on where to settle down with a textbook and some notecards before that test tomorrow.

Parks Library: Parks Library is a common study destination for many students at Iowa State. Between the seven tiers and five floors, there’s somewhere for everyone. Options range from the Periodicals Room, the quiet zone where the sound of a pen cap falling will turn heads, to the third floor group project area. Students also have the option to rent individual rooms inside the library that come equipped with a table, chairs and a whiteboard, perfect for working on a group project.

Cafes: The buildings on Iowa State’s campus are littered with cafes, 10 to be more exact. From the Bergstrom Commons, home of the business cafe, to The Hub grill and Caribou coffee, cafes always have a nice environment and plenty of coffee for a long study session. Breaks in between classes are a great time to get a mid-afternoon caffeine fix with some study time on campus. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet some people cramming for the same exam over a mocha.

The great outdoors: Why not take advantage of Iowa State’s award-winning central campus and enjoy a nice day while you study. Although this study spot may be more seasonal, laying out in the sun while you study is always an option since the whole campus is covered with wifi. Yes, even central campus. See that gold ball on top of the flag pole? There’s the router. If being in the middle of a busy campus isn’t your thing, explore some of your favorite buildings and see which have courtyards with less traffic.

Residence halls: Having a lazy day? Well go no further than your own residence hall. Most residence halls have some sort of den or study area on the floors, as well as a bigger community room, sometimes equipped with a projector. Some residence halls even have lobbies with comfortable seating, or conference rooms for rent. For those of you who want to be a little more adventurous, the laundry room on a late night is often quite and empty, seeing as a lot of students wait until Sunday night to do their laundry.