Summer enrollment sky rockets

Madison Martin

Summer enrollment at Iowa State has hit a record high.

During the 2013 summer semester a total of 11, 233 students registered for classes. Of the 11, 233 students, 7, 611 were undergraduates. In 2012, the total number of students enrolled for summer classes was 10, 798 making the increase this year by 435 students. Compared to the summer enrollment in 2011 of 10, 359, the number of students who continue to take classes has grown immensely.

This record summer term is following the trend caused during Fall semester in 2012. Last August, Iowa State saw a record-breaking number of 31, 040 students enrolled.

Iowa State is hoping the climbing enrollment totals are not going to slow down anytime soon. ISU President Steven Leath told the Ames Tribune’s editorial board “It [enrollment] will certainly approach, if not exceed, 32,000.”

To accommodate the ever-increasing student enrollment, Iowa State leased about 500 beds in off-campus housing complexes to coincide with the student demand for university-operated housing. In addition, six buildings are being added to Frederiksen Court. Two of the six are planned to be open in the Fall 2013 for occupancy.