NTK Ask an upperclassman

Dillon Bauer

Another year for Iowa State students is about here. It is also a time for our upperclassmen to share their words of wisdom for our incoming freshmen and transfer students. 

Erin McDermott, a junior in English, as well as Rebecca Jardon, a senior in dietetics, shared what they know from their experience at Iowa State.

Iowa State has plenty of great hangout places to have fun. One of these places is Hilton Coliseum, where McDermott said the energy and excitement coming from the fans is crazy.

Finding the best food on campus is a huge deal as well. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and dining centers located on campus.

 “Seasons, a dining center here on campus, has the best salads plus a warming atmosphere that makes it a very enjoyable place to eat,” Jardon said.

“Conversations is the best because of crepe Tuesday, nothing beats it,” McDermott said about her favorite spot.

College is all about finding your path and becoming independent. We asked what a real struggle it was coming into college and how their struggles have changed now that they are upperclassmen.

McDermott said one of the big things when she came to college was study habits. Even though she’s now a junior, they are still difficult for her to keep up with.

McDermott and Jardon really stressed the fact of getting involved and meeting new people. If one can do that, college will be that much better. They also brought up how shy they were when they came into college, but now they have become more involved with campus life.

”Coming into college I really didn’t know anyone, and trying to meet people was difficult,” Jardon said. ”After joining clubs and getting more involved I made a lot more friends.”

Jardon has been the treasurer of the ISU line dancing club since her sophomore year. Her roommate was the founder of the club.

“I joined the juggling club as well as give tours around campus. I have made some great friends and really learned about Iowa State,” McDermott said.