Student Government to vote on three bills, seat senators


Madison Mueller, then-senior in agricultural business and now-graduate student in business, was confirmed to serve as the finance director of Student Government. Mueller has previously served as a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences senator.

Jacob Smith

Student Government will be seating senators to committees and voting on three bills, with a first look at reallocating Dance Marathon funds to serve a different purpose.

Of the three bills — which got their first reading during last week’s meeting — one will provide funding for an office computer, one an office proxy lock and the third will move funds into the Student Activity Fee reserve account.

Finance Director Mueller introduced the bill requested $350 from the special projects account for a new office computer.

The computer is for a soon-to-be-hired administrative assistant for Student Government. The new computer will be able to run Windows 10, unlike the current computer, and it will be from ISU Surplus.

Speaker Culbertson introduced the bill that provides funding for an office proxy lock for the Student Government office.

Requesting $1,541.34 from the special projects account, the proxy lock will allow members to have easy access on a regular basis to the Student Government office. Currently, the office is locked via key with limited members having keys to access the office. Members without a key have an issue getting in to access important files.

Senator Lipford introduced the bill that transfers $13,404.51 from the special projects account to the  Fee reserve account.

Every year, Student Government sets aside six percent of the Student Activity Fee in a Student Activity Fee reserve account. The account currently has $135,052.85 in it, and the additional $13,404.51 would make the account have $148,457.06 in it. This is six percent of the Student Activity Fee revenue, which is $2,474,289.37.

Additionally, senators will be seated to the Student Initiatives committee and Civic Engagement committee.

Senators Tony Tonet, Noah Heasley, Sandeep Stanley, Dustin Reis, Nick Kline, Advait Anand and Morgan Fritz have expressed interest in joining the Student Initiatives committee and Senators Alex Klein, Hayat Sumael, Taylor Blair and Morgan Mitchell are looking to be seated as members of the Civic Engagement committee.

Each set of senators will be voted on and potentially confirmed by the senate.

Student Government will also have a first reading of a bill introduced by Senator Lipford.

The bill transfers $11,600 — funds originally intended to fund an entertainer — to fund other activities. Dance Marathon was budgeted $30,000 originally and is transferring the $11,600 to fund other line items.

For more information or to contact your senator, visit The senate meetings are open to the public at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.