History on Campus: Lagomarcino Hall


A man reported being assaulted near Lagomarcino Hall around 3 a.m. on Saturday, July 18.

Jonathan Krueger

Lagomarcino Hall was constructed in 1912, and was formerly known as ‘Quadrangle.’ It was home to the College of Veterinary Medicine. Two former expansions in 1956 and 1962 increased the size of the building dramatically.  

In 1978, the College of Veterinary Medicine moved to its current home and the College of Education moved in. Upon this, the building was changed to Lagomarcino Hall in honor of the former dean of the College of Education, Virgil Lagomarcino.

The building has been known to confuse many students who enter it. Its layout consists of three wings: North, West and East. A large courtyard is located in the middle of the building with plenty of shade for students to have a place to study. Inside Lagomarcino is the Courtyard Café, which is where students can purchase meals and coffee. 

The courtyard is a very popular place for students to get away.  There are a few pieces of artwork in the courtyard, including a stack of books in honor of Paula Cowgill Gmelch, who was a program coordinator for the former Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. The courtyard has also been a popular location for weddings and it has been the sight of nine since 2010.

Lagomarcino Hall is set to receive a facelift. In fall 2014, the School of Education will begin construction on Lagomarcino Hall in an attempt to make the school unique with its personal identity. The construction is expected to cost $3.725 million for renovations and will temporarily displace more than a thousand students and teachers.