Academic Regalia of Iowa State

Saige Heyer

With graduation just around the corner, graduating students are preparing to get their caps, gowns and tassels. Some students will also be getting distinction cords or honors medallions. Here is a look at what this year’s graduates will be wearing.

Bachelor’s Degree

Students receiving their bachelor’s degree wear black robes with pointed sleeves. The tassels on their caps vary in color depending on the college from which they graduate.

• Agriculture and Life Sciences: Maize

• Business: Drab

• Design: Brown

• Engineering: Orange

• Human Sciences: Maroon

• Liberal Arts and Sciences – Bachelor of Arts or Liberal Sciences: White

• Liberal Arts and Sciences – Bachelor of Music: Pink

• Liberal Arts and Sciences – Bachelor of Science: Golden Yellow

• Veterinary Medicine: Gray

The College of Veterinary Medicine also holds a white coat ceremony for new veterinary medicine students. This is held in August at Stephens Auditorium. This ceremony shows the importance of entering the program. Students arrive in professional attire and can be coated by either a veterinarian of their choice or a faculty member.

With Distinction and Honors Program

If a student is graduating with distinction, he or she will receive either cardinal or gold cords, or both, according to his or her distinction.

• Summa Cum Laude (cumulative GPA of 3.9+): Cardinal and Gold

• Magna Cum Laude (cumulative GPA of 3.70-3.89): Gold

• Cum Laude (cumulative GPA of 3.5-3.69): Cardinal

Students graduation from the Honors Program receive a medallion. On the front of the medallion is an “H’”and it says “Iowa State University Honors Program.” The back of the medallion says “In Recognition of Outstanding Scholastic Achievement and Excellence.”

Master’s Degree and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Those receiving their Master’s Degree or Ph.D. wear black tassels. They may also be awarded for Teaching or Research Excellence and receive cardinal and gold cords.

In May 2008, Iowa State University adopted their own custom gowns and hoods for those receiving their Ph.D. Only these students wear hoods, which are dark blue on the outside and cardinal and gold on the inside. The gowns have emblems on the front depicting the Campanile.