Scott Siepker reminisces at Veishea Opening Ceremonies and Awards

Members of the ISU community listen as keynote speaker Scott Siepker, host of the Emmy-nominated program “Iowa Outdoors” on Iowa Public Television, shares stories of his time at Iowa State during the 2013 Veishea Opening Ceremony on April 16, 2013, in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union.

Tedi Mathis

At the Veishea Opening Ceremony and Awards on April 16, 2013, Scott Siepker spoke about his memories of Iowa State and what Veishea means to him.

An ISU alumnus, Siepker helped found Iowa Filmmakers and starred in its films Iowa Nice, Cyclone Nice and Hawkeye Nice. These videos have gone viral on YouTube and have helped to fix misconceptions about Iowa.

Siepker recounted his first acting class at Iowa State and how that led to his career today, as well as many other ISU memories, such as taking a swim through Lake LaVerne and emceeing Varieties.

“Eventually as I was going through all this, all these mental fun memories, I got to the Veishea memories,” Siepker said. “For me, Veishea means campus, that’s what it means to me.”

Siepker explained that Veishea is not only vital to the ISU campus, but also to the Ames community.

“Veishea is stronger, it’s healthier, it’s better. That makes Iowa State stronger, healthier, better. It makes Ames stronger, healthier, better,” Siepker said.

A concern Siepker addressed was the reputation Veishea has gained, though he said this was a problem that ISU students had the potential to solve.

“Veishea, as we know, unfortunately and wrongly, has a perception issue,” Siepker said. “So the only way that can change is if you all get out there and use whatever medium you possibly have to spread the word about what Veishea really is, which is a heck of a good time.”

The event was emceed by Senior Vice President of Student Affairs Tom Hill. Also speaking at the ceremony was President Steven Leath through a short video, as he could not be present. He encouraged students to enjoy the traditions of Veishea while remaining safe.

“I will be joining you for many Veishea activities late this week,” Leath said. “We especially appreciate all you do to ensure that Veishea continues to be a safe activity for all.”

Along with the speakers, a scholarship and Veishea awards were presented to faculty, students and student organizations on campus.

Joseph Hora, president of Cardinal Key Honors Society, was also present and congratulated those invited to join the society for their scholarly merit. “Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the university,” Hora said.

Representatives from Freshman Council were present to award the Andy Albright Memorial Scholarship to Craig Blass, a first-year student in agricultural engineering.

George Micalone from the Students Activities Center was present to hand out the awards and Hill announced the winners. Hill also gave a brief description of each award and winner.

“As we mentioned, we had many great nominators this year,” Hill said.

After all awards were given out, Hill wrapped up the ceremonies.

“We want to thank you for all you do to positively impact the Iowa State community,” Hill said. “I wish you all an enjoyable celebration and look forward to seeing you around campus this week.”