ISU senior organizes fundraiser for Boston bombings

Katelynn Mccollough

Diane Fru, senior in psychology, has organized an ISU Boston Marathon philanthropy to be held on Saturday as part of the Veishea Village and 5K run.

“I remember going to bed that night [after the bombings] and thinking, I have to do something to help,” Fru said, who had an internship in Boston last summer.

Fru used Facebook to spread the idea of the event and get the ball rolling.

She then got in contact with the Veishea co-chairs, Hilary Morris and Rachel Owen, as well as the Veishea Village directors Heidi Dittmer and Jason Schuster, to figure out how to add a fundraiser to the campus tradition.

Since Fru only had four days to put the fundraiser together, there were several difficulties with getting things started. The first being that the fundraiser needed to get signed up with a student organization in order to be involved with Veishea Village.

Ryan Pecinovsky, outreach director for the student organization AirPad, was able to help with that hurdle. The fundraiser will be working with AirPad during Veishea Village.

“AirPad has graciously offered to help us despite such short notice,” Fru said.

Fru explained that all proceeds will go toward One Fund Boston, an organization created to help those affected by the Boston bombings on Monday, April 15, 2013.

The fundraiser will be located at the AirPad display on the Marston Lawn. The group will accept donations at the start and finish line of the 5K run that will begin at 8 a.m.

Any other donations will be accepted at the AirPad booth.

“All proceeds are being collected through AirPad’s account, so individuals can make out checks to AirPad,” Fru said, also stating that they will, “…work with AirPad to send the donations collected in their account to One Fund Boston, Inc.”

Four other students, Afifah Abdul-Rahim, Maggie Loomis, Kristin Marshall, as well as Pecinovsky, having been helping Fru prepare for the event.

The organizers have asked President Steven Leath to stop by the event, and are hoping that other students are willing to come out and get involved.

“To help out, we’re asking students and community members to stop by our table and make a small donation,” Fru said, who mentioned that preparing the fundraiser this week has been “exciting, nerve wrecking and extremely busy.”