Letter to the editor: Register should show abortion victims on front page, too

Donna Holman

The front page of the Des Moines Register displayed the bloody carnage of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Across our fair country, 4,000 Americans are brutally murdered every day! Yet, on any baby-killing day, we often hear a complaint from passerbys who are offend at the display of a tiny victim on a sign outside of these facilities.

Might we not expect that after ripping the heads off 65 million babies in America, we might be suffered to display one or two of them every now and then?

Nationally, in 2011, Planned Parenthood confessed to snuffing out the lives of 333,964 children. We taxpayers were compelled to give them $542 million for “Family Planning.”

Over these past 13 years in Iowa, the reported total body count rose to 74,806 surgical abortions. The body counters exclude chemical aborticide, which is code named “birth control.”

Planned Parenthood’s annual reports are given without so much as a word of regret. Their reports are rarely mentioned in any of the Iowa news outlets.

We challenge the Des Moines Register to show a picture of one of these tiny victims on the front page, or on any page of its newspaper!