Students kick off Greek Week


Photo: Kelby Wingert/Iowa State

Sisters of the Chi Omega sorority and brothers of the Sigma Phi Epsilon and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternities perform during the roll call competition at the Greek Week kickoff on April 1, 2013.

Ryan Anderson

The Greek community came together as a whole to celebrate the kickoff of Iowa State’s 61st annual Greek Week.

“This is the one week where all of us can hopefully put down our own letters and just be happy that we are greek instead of just in our own individual chapters and be more of a community,” said Matt Sheyko, co-chair of Greek Week and senior in anthropology.

Greek Week is a week-long event where fraternities and sororities unite under a common bond of fraternal friendship.

“This is a chance to celebrate what it means to be greek,” said Jude LaRenzie, co-chair of Greek Week and senior in chemical engineering.

The kickoff to Greek Week began with the traditional role call, a fashion show and barbecue on Central Campus, on April 1, 2013. According to Sheyko, role call is a tradition that is a way to represent your organization through a stomp, cheer or short skit.

Every sorority is paired with one or two fraternities for Greek Week. Each pairing prepared a role call that shows pride to not only their specific chapters but also greek life as a whole.

A stomp act performed by Gamma Phi Beta, Theta Delta Chi and Phi Delta Theta cheered, “no matter what’s across the chest, we all Greek together.”

The goal of the kickoff was to start Greek Week united as one group instead of as individual chapters. Greek Week is an opportunity for the men and women of the greek community to show their creativity and talents. Members of Alpha Omicron Pi utilized their tap-dancing skills in a call and response number for role call.

“It’s cool to see what people can do when they come together,” LaRenzie said.

Greek Week is all about bringing the community together with exciting events and friendly competition.

Sheyko and LaRenzie agree that their favorite part of Greek Week is the Greek Olympics.

“The whole Olympics day is one that everyone probably agrees is their favorite day of Greek Week. It’s just fun — everyone’s running around and out in the greek community — it’s fun to see everyone out there,” Sheyko said.

Greek Week isn’t only about fun and competition. The week ends with Vespers: a ceremony recognizing leadership in the greek community. Chapters will be recognized for their achievements and success from the past year. Men and women of the year awards will also be given out.

“We all have individual values for our individual chapters, but we still share the same values overall,” LaRenzie said.

Those values the community strives for are the four pillars: scholarship, leadership, service and friendship.

“I think its really great how all of the greek chapters come together and celebrate Greek Week and how it’s really great that we come together no matter what letters we are wearing,” said Sarah Dvorsky, a sophomore in event management and a member of Alpha Omicron Pi.